You must have heard about the success of Chihuahua. It is the second week that the figure at Boxoffice is already $52,5541,000. But what makes this light comedy Number 1 for 2 weeks?


GENRE : Comedy, family, adventure

DIRECTOR : Raja Gosnell

CAST   : Drew Barrymore

Andy Garcia

George Lopez

Paul Rodriguez

Placido Domingo

Edward James Olmos

Jamie Lee Curtis

RUNTIME : 91 min

SYNOPSIS: A Disney comedy about a spoilt Beverly Hills Chihuahua, called Chloe. Chloe has a luxurious lifestyle isolated from ordinary life but one day she gets lost in Mexico. Papi, another Chihuahua that belongs the gardener is desperately in love with Chloe and tries to rescue her.

We hear Drew Barrymore’s voice as Chloe and Papi is voiced by George Lopez. We see Jamie Lee Curtis as the owner of this dog. More than 200 dogs also take role in this movie.

But how the adventures of these sympathetic dogs become this much popular? Is that because a dog is wearing trendy booties and talking? Or because of the strong cast of the movie?

This is of course an amusing movie for children and pet lovers. But also many adult audiences enjoyed the movie although some audiences think that it is a waste of time. It gives some messages about luxurious lifestyle of Beverly Hills, social class difference and about shopaholics keeping pets as accessories, making fun of the lives of those like Paris Hilton.

But the real success of the movie lies in good timing. While dealing with economical crisis, it is nice to see an amusing Disney comedy movie and laugh a little bit. As the Wall Street goes down, little Chihuahua climbs to the top of the Boxoffice. Of course it does not question the reason of existence or dealing with a deep philosophy. But still it is a success of the director as working with a lot of animals for the whole movie is not so easy. It is one of the best of Disney’s talking dogs movies. If you are after some enjoyable time with your family or want to forget about the tiresome financial news of the week, this cute Chihuahua and her friends will help you.

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Jim Carrey returned back to the movies world with ‘Yes Man’ to make us laugh again. During the Yes Man London premiere, the famous actor said: “I haven’t finished yet,” and he stated that he will never quit acting even though he becomes doomed to wheelchair one day.

The new Jim Carrey movie Yes Man, adopted from the work of famous Scotch writer  and cult comedian Danny Wallace, is directed by Peyton Reed, the skillful director of the movies ‘The Break Up’ and ‘Bring It On’. On the first day in Los Angeles movie theaters Yes Man grossed $18.2 million.

The Yes Man London premiere stirred up interest of Jim Carrey fans. The actors of the movie, Jim Carrey, Zooey Deschanel and Bradley Cooper came to Leicester Square together with the director Peyton Reed and the writer Danny Wallace to meet the fans and movie lovers in spite of the cold weather. The fans of the ‘most famous live comedian’ greeted them with enthusiasm.

Yes Man London Premiere

Yes Man London Premiere – Jim Carrey and Zooey Deschanel

The unforgettable actor of ‘The Truman Show’, ‘The Mask’, ‘Liar Liar’, ‘Man On The Moon’, ‘Bruce Almighty’ and 2 times winner of Golden Globe award and 9 times winner of  MTV movie award, Jim Carrey is now back in the movie theaters as Yes Man, Carl Allen.

Due to his long time disappearance, some people said Jim Carrey  was finished but he says he is not. He explained that he had no aim to quit acting but  Continue reading

Coco avant Chanel

Legendary Fashion Icon Coco Chanel’s Life in Theatres

Life story of Gabrielle Chanel, known as the fashion icon Coco Chanel is filmed. A tasteful story of a poor girl who transformed into a legendary fashion designer, a biopic movie with some romance but more than that, a real success story of a modern woman.

The $26 million budgeted Warner Bros movie ‘Coco avant Chanel’ (Coco Before Chanel), starring Audrey Tautou, is directed by Anne Fontaine who is also one of the screenwriters of the movie. This year, there are three movie projects on Coco Chanel but this one really deserves admiration with magnificent performance of Audrey Tautou. Coco avant Chanel of Anne Fontaine focuses on the rise of Gabrielle Chanel to fame while another Chanel movie of Kounen is about her relationship with Stravinsky.

Coco Avant ChanelCoco Avant Chanel


GENRE: Biography, drama

DIRECTOR: Anne Fontaine

CAST: Audrey Tautou

Alessandro Nivola

Marie Gillain

Benoît Poelvoorde

Emmanuelle Devos

Fabien Béhar

Pierre Diot

RUNTIME: 105 min


Gabrielle Chanel born in France in 1883. She was 12 years old when her mother died. She was raised in a convent orphanage as her father abondened her after her mother’s death. However, her fortune dramatically changed and she became a legendary fashion icon. Her name ‘Coco’ comes from a song as she also tried singing as a cabaret entertainer at nights while she was trying to make a living in a tailor’s shop. Her life changed after she met a powerful and rich man Etienne Balsan (Benoît Poelvoorde) and became his mistress. While women of Parisian high society were dressed in corsets and laces, she was trying a new way by adapting her lover’s clothes for her own wardrobe. This was the beginning of her way to a fashion reform that liberated and helped women to acquire a place in men’s world. The movie goes on with her next love affair with a British industrialist Arthur ‘Boy’ Capel (Alessandro Nivola) whose tragic death had a dramatic impact on Coco Chanel.

The movie Coco avant Chanel tells us the story of this modern woman until her late 20’s, the beginning of the fashion reform Coco Chanel achieved in history. The main focus of this Chanel movie is on the evolution of a young woman and how she built a success story, rather than fashion, clothes and accessories. It would have been difficult to emphasis this point if her whole life story was told in the movie.
It is so obvious that Audrey Taotou loved her role as her performance is great. She says, “The portrayal was not in the costume, not in the superficial side of the character, but in my inner self.” Audrey Tautou is also coming as the new face of Chanel No 5 with an ad showing her in Oriental Express journey from France to Istanbul.

Everybody knows the name Coco Chanel and this name is associated with fame, wealth, fashion. Watching the movie Coco Before Chanel, we see the rise of this legendary fashion designer who had great impact on the society she lived in. It is not an easy job to tell such a unique woman’s life perfectly. But both the director Anne Fontaine and the star Audrey Tautou and the cast did a good job. This one looks like the best Coco Chanel movie. Although some chronology of the events were changed in the movie, they paid attention to stick to the true biography of Coco Chanel. It is an insightful script and a good performance. Also re-creation of costumes by another fashion icon Karl Lagerfeld adds more value and beauty to the movie. This biopic movie is not for those who look for some action but it is worth watching if you are interested in portrayal of a strong, legendary character, dram and romance, struggle and success, love and heartbreak. Chanel No 5 fans who watch this movie will remember this movie everytime they smell it.

Watch the trailer of Coco avant Chanel!

Coco avant Chanel TRAILER


If you want to get scared, watch this movie!


GENRE: Thriller, horror

DIRECTOR: John Eric Dowdle

CAST: Jennifer Carpenter

Steve Harris

Jay Hernandez

Johnathon Schaech

Andrew Fiscella

RUNTIME: 89 min

SYNOPSIS: A TV news crew, while working at night shift, come across the fire fighters in front of a small apartment building. They realize that a woman was infected by an unknown virus. The residents try to escape but the building is quarantined. The residents are never heard from again.



What happened to the residents of this small apartment? Terror… Horror… Suspense…


Quarantine is based on Spanish movie ‘REC’. The interesting point of this movie is, it is told from the cameraman’s point of view, filmed with a hand-held camera. This makes the movie seem more realistic and pull you into the action but constant camera motion can make you physically sick. An exciting movie with suspense till the end. The tension of the movie is high and it is pretty scary.

Performance of Jennifer Carpenter as the TV reporter is impressing. You can see the horror and fear on her face very realistically.

The story of Quarantine is a familiar one, you can think it is a little bit cliché with another virus story that turns people into killers. But most of the audiences are impressed with this movie and they are really scared, excited. You can get a little bit bored for the first 15 minutes but then you will be in the mood. Quarantine is one of the best horror movies you can watch nowadays and recommended for who wants to get scared and recommended to be watched in theatre rather than at home to get more scared!

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